The earrings look heavy. Will they hurt my ears?

The most common response I get when new customers get their earrings is just how light weight they are! They are shockingly lightweight for the size and look of the earrings. The goal is that you can wear them comfortably all day long and forget you have them on your ears.

Do you take custom orders?

Custom orders are on a case by case basis. It might be hard to recreate past styles based on the unique nature of each clay slab such as color blending, marble, flakes, or patterns. For custom order requests, please contact me.

Bridal custom orders - I have made custom earrings for brides, bridesmaids and bachelorettes! Just contact me with your ideas!

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! If you are interested in wholesale, please contact me with your interest and requests for more information and availability.

I have sensitive ears. Are your posts hypoallergenic?

Yes, I use metal components that are hypoallergenic and nickel free. It will be noted in the description of each listing the types of metal components used for the post- nickel-free, gold plated, stainless steel, etc.

Earring Care

Polymer clay is a light weight, durable, slightly flexible material. Although durable, it can get scratched or break by hitting a sharp or hard surface, or from being roughly handled. Please take care and keep in mind that each piece of jewelry is handmade, wearable art. 

It is highly recommended that your clay jewelry is stored safely, aka not the bottom of your purse. It is encouraged to store in a clean, dry place such as the box they come in or a jewelry stand that would prevent earrings from being scratched, broken or in a humid environment. The better you take care of storing your polymer clay jewelry, the longer lasting your pieces will be. 

Makeup, dust and other debris can usually be removed from clay components by gently going over the blemishes with a wet cloth or cotton swap dipped in water or rubbing alcohol. 

Oils in makeup, hair products and perfumes could possibly stain or discolor the clay.

The raw brass and metal components can tarnish and darken over time if exposed to water or oils from the skin. The tarnished pieces can easily be cleaned and polished with a soft jewelry cloth. To avoid tarnishing, store in a dry space. It is highly recommended to store polymer clay jewelry in a box with a lid.

Shipping Information

Packages are shipped through the USPS. 

Items are shipped in sturdy boxes or a bubble mailer envelope. 

According to USPS, please allow 30 business days before filing a claim for a lost package. Shipping times may vary due to weather, holidays and the pandemic. 

If the package is returned to sender due to an input error when filling out your order, the customer will be responsible for reshipment fees. 

Returns & Exchanges

Natalie Jane Designs does not accept returns, offer refunds or exchanges.

About The Policy

Oh no, I just received my item and it is broke!

If you recently purchased jewelry from Natalie Jane Designs and it is broken upon arrival or breaks on you within the first week, please contact me. We believe all jewelry should be handled with care, but should not fall apart on you. Please contact us so we can replace the item or provide options for repairing your jewelry. Our jewelry will not withstand abuse and we will not take responsibility for damaged jewelry from rough handling. As tempting as it may be to bend the earrings to test their flexibility, please don't! I professionally test the durability of each earring before selling them. 

I ordered earrings and the size is different than expected.

I have included approximate measurements and modeling of earrings on each product page to help you figure out size and proportions. 

I do not like the colors of the piece selected.

I do my best to portray colors of the jewelry as accurate as possible. I ensure to use natural lighting and minor editing on photos to not distort the coloring.

Oh no, I'm just not that into it.

Please consider your purchase carefully. A lot of effort is put into providing product details and images of the jewelry so that you can make an informed and confident decision before placing your order. Due to the handmade nature of clay and each piece of jewelry, please allow for slight variations and imperfections. I can promise I will never sell an earring I would not have the pleasure or confidence to wear myself.