Natalie South - Natalie Jane Design

The Maker Behind It All 

I made my first batch of earrings with my best friend during quarantine in 2020. I found myself wanting to make more and more as a way to occupy my time being stuck inside. I’m an accountant by day, and enjoyed a creative outlet after work that didn’t involve staring at more screens. Eventually, I made so many earrings I didn’t know what to do with them all, and would post on my personal Instagram story what I had made. I was getting DMs to start selling, and made an Instagram account for “Natalie Jane Designs.” I remember how shocked and excited I was to make a sale, and never thought this “hobby” would grow into my own small business.

It still makes me smile ear to ear seeing someone unbox their earrings or wear them out on a date night. I do a happy dance every time I get a new order. I wanna do a hairflip anytime someone asks me at the grocery store where I got my earrings and I get to say, “I made them!” I hope that my creations will inspire individuals to be themselves, be confident and showcase their unique style. 

The first time I saw a girl that was not one of my friends or family members wearing Natalie Jane Design jewelry, I seriously started crying happy tears. I knew that her best friend got her that pair as a birthday present, but she had no clue I,  the girl who was two picnic tables away from her at Sycamore, created those earrings. It was such a special moment that made me so proud and happy. To see a beautiful, confident woman living her life and having fun with friends while wearing a pair of Natalie Jane Designs- that was what I had dreamed of. 

Thank you so much for letting my creativity outlet and passion turn into this small business. It will always be surreal.

- Natalie